No alarms
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No alarms

Cryptic ball: and no surprises.

Bitcoin pumped up to 5% last night, on no particular news other than some early reports that Russian troops were returning to their bases - deescalating fears that a war was about to break in Europe. Stocks followed in the morning, adding strength to this theory - which was fighting the narrative that Canada's plans to freeze the personal accounts of protestors (and more) were to blame.

In any case, the world is indeed awakening to the importance of "uncensorable assets such as bitcoin", as Alex Kr├╝ger puts it. But what's next? We're currently facing two scenarios. On the one hand, this is - so far - confirmation of a higher low, which hints at another attempt to conquer $46k. Conversely, a failure to overcome that level would print a double top, typically interpreted as bearish.

Remember any external events could favour one of these scenarios, as today's tweet tip jokes about, so keep an eye on all things new - but make sure you don't feel like today's meme! Lastly, the fact we didn't get a public report from the Fed's closed-door board meeting is good - in the sense we're not getting any surprise for now, with March's double hike possibility practically entirely priced-in! But this Thursday we'll know more about that in the Fed's publishe minutes.

Chart art: everything in its right place.

Keep following the hash rate. If it crashes abruptly I'll update my 2022 outlook - until then it is what I shared yesterday.
Institutional inflows have also returned.
And the power of the Super Bowl is real! When B21 ad?

Three things: there are two posts in my ehad.

Tweet tip: what is that you tried to say?

Cred nails it once again.

Meme moment: i'm on a roll.

Is the missooooor lucky?

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