Tragedy of the bears, part II
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Tragedy of the bears, part II

Cryptic ball: first squeeze.

Hello, fellow readers! Last week I told you I was taking some days off and that this week I would be writing Monday to Wednesday. But I will do it Tuesday to Thursday instead, delivering the newsletter in a new schedule to make sure you don't miss any critical information in the year ahead. However, as I was missing getting in touch with you amid this exciting Christmas pump (total market cap is up 17% since I've called the bottom last Tuesday), I wanted to take the opportunity to share a couple of articles and a chart that you really must check.

I've been sharing Cobie's stuff since last July and he is one of Crypto Twitter's most important characters. While some disregard him for the memes, one must be able to read between the lines as the man really knows the game. Curiously, after making hundreds of millions (literally, I know first-hand) and not caring about what people think of him, it seems Cobie got COVID and spend Christmas alone, writing extended pieces explaining his not-so cryptic views. So make sure to check them below as they are aligned with two main themes I've been writing about since this Daily Digest began: alt seasons and, more recently, vesting and unlocks.

Chart art: last leg.

I've first shared this chart last April, when I was warning you about the growing euphoria in the space. Now we're back to the same levels, having just bounced from peak fear? What does this mean? That I'm more and more convinced we now have 3 to 6 months before the next cycle top.

Just two things: first read.

Tweet tip: then follow.

Read the whole thread.

Meme moment: first laugh.

Hope you weren't this elf and had a great Christmas!

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