"Not sure"
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"Not sure"

Cryptic ball: follow the Musk.

The original cryptoasset hasn't stopped falling since yesterday's daily close, having almost fully retraced the small bounce it was experiencing. Is bitcoin poised to test $36k or is the pain over? Let's see what Easter can bring us.

  • Bulls need $39k to hold. If bears win and $39k falls over the weekend, $33k to $36k is a key consolidation area in which we could be stuck in for a long time before the next big move. And that wouldn't be that bad!
  • However, I'm feeling a little bullish today, even if I can't explain why. If I'm wrong, it's just a 2% stop loss that gets triggered. If I'm right, the next bounce will take us at least above $43k so the upside is very interesting.
  • Moreover, as Easter approaches, the stock market will be forgotten - so I'm not expecting much volatility over the weekend. As always, I'll be careful - especially if $39k breaks. But now I think bears will give us a break.

Let's also keep an eye on updates from Ethereum's merge. It seems the previously estimated launch in June is no longer on the table, "but likely a few months after". Such a delay would mean that the peak of summer will be quite bearish.

Chart art: follow the miners.

As long as hashrate is in an uptrend we can assume the market is healthy.

Three things: follow what's lindy.

Tweet tip: follow the sailors.

Just don't sayl away.

Meme moment: follow the hackers.


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