Post Miami blues?
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Post Miami blues?

Cryptic ball: boredom over blues.

This has been an exciting Friday in the crypto markets, with bulls and bears fighting hard. Bitcoin had a double bottom on the hourly slightly below $43k, but bears struck again. What happened and what to expect this weekend?

  • Currently, I'm inclined to believe we'll see another test of $42k. This is a more critical zone that I've been highlighting in the yellow line of my charts since almost a year ago. I'm expecting a bounce but I could be wrong. Why?
  • As stock markets are closed during the weekend, macro traders have been increasingly expressing their views with bitcoin. The current uncertainty warrants caution, so I posit many want to be short over the weekend.
  • Additionally, bitcoin is already down 10% since March's highs. After the $45k support zone failed, it seems obvious that longs have their stops right below $42k, so bears are incentivised to tap that area for liquidity.
  • So, the true question is what happens next. I've been telling you I'm optimistic and that view remains. Just be aware that if liquidations in the $42k zone are extreme we may see a peak in fear that would push BTC into its previous range.
  • See today's chart to get a clear picture of the previous range and note that there's also meagre support around $40k. But if that doesn't hold then I'd be wrong and the bears would win once again. Let's hope this is a boring weekend!

Chart art: bulls over bears.

Again, this is the same chart I've been sharing over and over. If this confluence of supports doesn't hold, we can expect bears to rule for a while before we have one final chance to resume the spring pump towards $52k. Time to wake up, bulls!

Three things: contrarianism over hopium.

Tweet tip: nibbling over slurping.

Check Slurp's thread if you need to check your biases!

Meme moment: hermione over harry.

Wait until we experience 2018-2019 levels of pain.

FV Bank: talking about Bitcoin and Banks.

Hey there, that's me in yesterday's Bitcoin+Banks panel discussion at BTC Miami, with Caitlin Long! If you're here come see us at booth #1101.

Get started: learn more about FV Bank.

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