Nice Fabulous Tokens
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Nice Fabulous Tokens

Cryptic ball: gradually, then suddenly.

What a day. The winning tokens I've highlighted yesterday continued to pump, with bitcoin finally testing $50k again and SHIBA nearly doubling in price! With Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram down, it seems that trading meme tokens was all there was to do during nearly half of yesterday (when decentralised social media?)! While things are fine as long as we're above $45k (because it's key support provided by the memetic 20-week moving average), BTC still needs to prove it can really break out before the rest of the market finds true solace.

Meanwhile, the NFT fever continues and it really feels like ICOs back in 2017 - at least in Solana, where mints can easily be done for a couple hundred dollars or less. Many people are now wondering whether they should go for ETH or SOL, but my take is that both can win and thrive at the same time. So try both if, at least if you can afford Ethereum's fees. For that, Bunjil made a nice brief guide that I strongly recommend: it's all about finding the best, most hyped communities that also provide solid utility to their members. Time to go deep on Discord!

Visual block: community, hype, and utility.

It's just the beginning for the NFTs. Yes, it's a bubble, but a rather good one.

Three things: distrusted third parties.

Tweet tip: boring shiny orange.

Bitcoin is boring. And it won't likely make you much money now. But it will still be the leader.

Meme moment: Zuckerberg is down.

But Satoshi will always be up there.

B21 TV: stay tuned.

Check my interview with Anil Lulla from Delphi Digital, a thesis-driven cryptoasset fund.

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