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Objective Boom

Cryptic ball: Portugal is all the rage.

The weekend is here and yesterday's pullback has stalled, with total market cap at the same level it was 24 hours ago: $2.7 trillion. SOL hit a new all-time high shortly before the daily close, finally hitting $250, and has joined the retrace team since. Remember the Solana annual conference, Breakpoint, is happening in Lisbon next week, so you can expect that pump to continue.

Meanwhile, out of the top 10 coins, only Binance's BNB escaped the carnage, and even managed to rise nearly 10% on top of three news: 1) that it has established a $115 million fund, in partnership with French think tanks and announced at the Ministry of Finance. Called "Objective Moon", it aims to grow the local and European ecosystems, likely in exchange of some favourable regulatory terms.

2) that it has hired a former, experienced member of the US IRS Criminal Investigation unit, which helps sooth fears the massive exchange will sort out its compliance issues. Lastly, and most importantly, 3) that it has made a partnership with Portugal's best football team, FC Porto. Binance will sponsor the club's jersey and also launch the first football fan token, called PORTO, which will allow holders some voting rights, loyalty rewards, and several other benefits.

This is the second fan token launched by Binance, after Lazio's this October, but it seems only know the world is taking notice - so I'm looking forward to see what our fellow exchanges announce over the next months. As for the rest of the weekend, it's as written yesterday: we may continue to see a small pullback to liquidate leveraged longs, but this won't harm the general trend as at least bitcoin's price is no longer overheated, as Willy Woo well explains. So define your trading plan, take some profits if you want, and see you Monday!

Chart art: sats are all the rage.

Bitcoin seems expensive but it's still growing as more and more people old at least some Sats!

Three things: real dogs are all the rage.

Tweet tip: haters are all rage.

Which of these have you told yourself and other people?

Meme moment: FUD is all rage.

LMAO, imagine not having entered crypto since 2017 because of Tether FUD.

B21 TV: tutorials are all the rage.

Learn how to earn RON, the token from Ronin, which is Axie Infinity's new Ethereum sidechain, with B21's host, Dheeraj Shah. Easy farming on this one!

Get started: download the B21 Crypto app!

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