Guess who's back
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Guess who's back

Guess who's back

Cryptic ball: because India will ban crypto again.

The weekend was rough for bears who thought their time was coming. But what's really rough is the latest episode in the long series of overreaching regulation in India's crypto sector. To compensate, we can't help but share that the latest celebrity to join BitClout is no other than Pamela Anderson. Nifty!

Market musings: c'mon March, fool April.

Bitcoin's third bearish test of 2021 seems complete. As shown below, every end of the month in this green quarter has scared bulls and enticed ever greedy bears, only to prepare all crypto boats to the upcoming rising tide. Could it be that we've seen this fortnight's quarter already, especially after Friday's options expiry?

That seems to be the case given the good volume in Friday's dump and today's pump, and the latest all-time high in stablecoin holdings at crypto exchanges. But be prepared for some volatility in the days ahead, especially given the current volatility decline and potential for havoc if the stock market keeps unravelling!

Visual block: third time's a charm, or a top.

Three things: it's all about NFETHs these days.

  • Lex Sokolin argues NFTs and DeFi may not change the world.
  • Christine Kim interviews a duo who believes ETH 2.0 could be months away.
  • Nick Tomaino explains the value drivers behind NFTs.

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