B21 Major Updates
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B21 Major Updates

Exciting new things are happening at B21!

To our B21 family and all the crypto community, we are very excited to share some major news on what is happening at B21.

As the world’s richest are tweeting about crypto, the whole community is coming together as one. It will not be an exaggeration to say that everyone in the world is now talking about crypto. We at B21 support this movement of crypto adoption completely and even go one step further to unite all the blockchains and offer a platform where anyone can Invest, Earn and Spend their cryptocurrency!! The revolution continues!

A new wave of progress is coming at B21 and we are releasing more exciting features to keep pace with the industry and to ensure we continue with our vision of easy-to-use crypto investment tools. We have started with a token revamp, which includes multi-chain support for the B21 token.


Our journey for B21 began in early 2018 with a simple yet challenging mindset — to bring digital asset investing mainstream. We envisioned a complete ecosystem around crypto investing, including crypto on-ramps /off-ramps, easy access to banking, and access to other complicated crypto products. Investors loved our idea of bringing crypto-assets mainstream with a regulated and user-friendly framework so much that we completed a funding round with private investors, affording us the ability to forego a public token sale. This empowered us to be focused on making a world-class team, acquiring the proper regulatory framework, and building a unique and useful product.

In 2020, we got funded by the Venture Capital firm CCIX GLobal from Asia. Realizing that the Asian market still lacked proper channels to enter the crypto space, we shifted our focus there and even brought more investors and advisors from crypto and Defi space including Magnus Capital — one of the prominent digital assets funds who have come onboard as a strategic advisor and investor in B21.

The B21 app has partnered with industry-leading payment providers and banking partners including PrimeTrust, FV Bank, Transak, and Plaid. Anyone can now easily invest on B21 using Credit/Debit cards, International Wire, and even local payment methods like ACH.

In 2021, B21 introduced “secured credit cards” an industry first -our new product is a VISA-powered card which is more widely accepted than competitive “prepaid” cards will open the doors for many exciting new features.

The B21 Vision

  1. Be the industry leader in providing easy access to Crypto and DeFi so everyone can Invest, Earn and Spend
  2. Provide safe, secure, insured, regulated solutions

The “Revamped” B21 TOKEN

The B21 token was initially minted as an ERC20 token but in order to keep pace with industry advancements in new powerful chains and expanding use cases like trading on DEX's and Defi features like liquidity mining, B21 will support multi-chain and eventually be available on all the relevant blockchains including Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Solana and more. This will enable the B21 token to be traded across major decentralized exchanges and users will be able to earn exclusive rewards for providing liquidity. . The first integration to happen is with Binance Smart Chain, and the BB21 token will be listed on Pancakeswap in March 2021.

Current B21 token holders will be able to swap their tokens 1:1 with B21 tokens on other major blockchains with our token bridge (bridge.b21.io). This will ensure that the current B21 token holders have the first opportunity to be liquidity providers and earn liquidity mining rewards.

B21 token bridge currently supports Ethereum ⇆ BSC swaps and very soon will support other major blockchains

B21 cards — Spend Crypto

Our Vision is Invest, Earn, Spend — To support this vision B21 has launched the industry’s first crypto-linked credit cards. These Visa cards are much more widely accepted than any other “prepaid” cards in the market and are available for users of 84+countries including countries from Asia, the EU, and South America!

While our competitors sell cards for hundreds of dollars, B21 cards are offered FREE to all the VIP members on the B21 app. Just stake some B21 tokens and get your VIP level to receive a free Teal, Gold, or Black Card today. For VIP members, it is FREE to order and FREE shipping. Check out this article to find out how to upgrade your VIP status on the B21 app.

More details on the B21 card website (b21.io/card)

We did a trial run of our cards in Japan and orders have exceeded our expectations!. Our Japanese friends and trial partners even created a short video to show how they are loving the new B21 cards. You can find the link here — https://youtu.be/FRs6g0r2drw

We are very excited about our new Card program and have some even more exciting features coming in the future, including a crypto to fiat bridge that will enable you to spend most any crypto on your card. (Sounds too good to be true? Stay Tuned!)

DeFi/CeFi capabilities

We believe that Decentralised Finance, although a very powerful ecosystem, is still unreachable to a vast majority of people because of all the complexities involved. DeFi, has proven to offer exciting and high yield generating concepts but is still limited to advanced blockchain users and traders.

To solve this problem, we are bringing new features to the B21 application that will simplify the DeFi experience and enable anyone to Earn weekly rewards on their portfolio. “One simple tap” is all that will be needed to stake your portfolio across multiple DeFi platforms and earn rewards. This feature is in the final stages of testing and we will soon announce when it is live.

More important updates -

  1. Magnus group joins the B21 advisory board and invests. Magnus Capital, a renowned digital asset fund has onboarded as a strategic advisor and investor with B21. Join us in welcoming them to the B21 team. Together we shall create “Magic”.
  1. The B21 mobile app saw more than 20,000 new users in the first two months of 2021. Our social media handles also saw an increase of almost 200% in terms of following and engagement.
  2. To introduce and explain all of our exciting new features and development, we are revamping the B21 website and roadmap. Keep an eye on our social media handles.

Stay Safe. Invest Regularly.


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