Laggard L1s
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Laggard L1s

Cryptic ball: squeezeful thinking.

Another boring day in the cryptoshere. Market cap barely moved, but bitcoin scared everyone again after testing $45.5k again a few hours after the newsletter was sent. As said before, it's comforting to see bears can't break that support down. But it's also eerie that price remains hovering around that area, as it weakens confidence and removes momentum from any plays with riskier alts.

Meanwhile, as traders lose patience we'll likely see an increase in leverage. Hopefully, negative sentiment will entice noobs to open leveraged shorts and we finally have fuel for a squeeze up. The ideal scenario would be for BTC to reclaim $52k and remain stuck between that level and the previous ATH in order for alts to moon over the next months. That's my wish for Q1 2022.

Dreams aside, several alts continue pumping despite the tough conditions. ICP, RVN, and AR all gained more than 15% yesterday, although the rotation game isn't an easy one to nail (and some even argue you shouldn't try to play such a metagame). Anyway, for now, the Layer-1 blockchain projects which didn't pump as much at the end of 2021 are taking the spotlight - e.g. ATOM, FTM, and NEAR which I briefly mentioned yesterday. I still believe they will continue to outperform the rest of the market this Q1, but it's time to look out for the next sector.

Chart art: exit liquidity.

Everyone and their mother is crazy about NFTs. Maybe this is the beginning of the euphoria we need to close this cycle.

Three things: beginners bliss.

Tweet tip: funny truths.

Not a tweet tip.

Meme moment: pedantic snobs.

TradFi tips and memes to juice up emotions in low volatility environments.

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