Wake me up when September ends
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Wake me up when September ends

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Cryptic ball: "summer has come and passed"

Buy now and wake me up when September ends, because UpOnly season is here. It all started with the "Solana Summer", a project already covered in this newsletter. Now it seems the Ethereum killer inspired ether to wake up, with ETH up 20% since Monday and 10% today! But more alts are pumping. FTT, the token of the popular exchange, FTX, is leading the pack after appreciating +30% today.

The move came after a long period of accumulation this August, which finally popped on news that FTX had acquired the "first US-approved" crypto derivatives platform, opening up a new market very few exchanges have access too. While exchange tokens will continue to grow as exchanges grow, and we're believe FTT has the potential to flip BNB later this year (which would mean a 10x to 15x pump from today's price), it's time to remember you to take profits or tighten your stops!

Chart art: "the innocent can never last"

Ether broke out of a textbook ascending triangle. Your correspondent is expecting it to test the previous ATH next week or maybe even this weekend - will update in Friday's newsletter.

Market musings: "as my memory rests"

More important than FTT is the fact that bitcoin also pumped on top of ether's appreciation. It seems the original cryptoasset that we described as boring this Monday didn't like our tone and modestly appreciated 5% since. This may seem uninteresting compared to the double-digit alt pumps occurring every day. But, as you can see below, BTC is also about to break out of a bullish pennant.

Once that move is confirmed and $50k is reclaimed, it's time for BTC to test the $60k waters again. And given how slowly the orange coin has been moving, we're expecting ether and alts to pump together - which contrasts nicely to 2017 when alts dumped once BTC woke up. Anyway, keep an eye on dominance as if it starts rising then alt traders will feel fearful of this historical relationship. To conclude, remember that it pays to be patient. If you have missed any recent pump try to DYOR on projects which are consolidating (e.g. ADA) and wait for a break out!

Visual block: "but never forgets what I lost"

Remember trading is a long-term game. Zoom out and look for macro trends instead of FOMO of buying the latest shit coin which just pumps for a couple of days and then dumps when you buy. Be careful with leverage and notice how large cap coins are waking up. Even Bitcoin may become sexier if Twitter indeed adds it as a tipping currency!

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Tweet tip: imagine being bearish on anything right now.

You bet they will.

Meme moment: what if it was a diamond-backed NFT?

You bet she's mad.

New token (soon) on B21: ADA is next!

Cardano's ADA will be the next addition to B21's app. Stay tuned for more!

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