Check out what's new for July!
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Check out what's new for July!

Check out what's new for July!

The current smooth market is the perfect backdrop for B21's monthly announcements. Yes, bitcoin has finally decided its way out of the meme triangle we covered this week, albeit doing so with a 6% dump yesterday, while ether and alts fell more than 10%. But the fact the move was fairly uneventful hints that the leading cryptoasset is building a higher low and developing a bullish market structure that could eventually lift alts of this slow summer.

The above resilience makes us feel comfortable in regard to the weekend ahead, as it seems players are clearly accumulating what will likely be considered as cheap BTC by the end of the year. So, there's not much volatility to expected over the next days - contrary to what happened in the last B21 update we've sent you last May. What have we been brewing since then? Well, we've doubled our userbase between Q2 and Q1 2021 and our social media practically did a 2x in June!

Our cryptoasset-linked credit card is becoming a success, but that's not the only reason to be proud. Read ahead for the complete update and news!

Product: launched the B21 International Credit Card.

Our contactless cards are linked to an user's cryptoasset balance on B21 and work as credit cards from one of the world's largest payment card networks.

This is revolutionary for crypto because the existing market offer used pre-paid debit cards instead, which typically can't be used in several points of sale.

Available to users in +80 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe (check the full list here), the B21 card allows you to spend crypto profits and withdraw cash from ATMs all around the world! All this without a waitlist.

Just log in into B21's app and get your free card by upgrading to one of our VIP levels. Here's a customer video of it being used in Asia!

Growth: a new partnership for NFTs.

As we've been covering, NFTs have been changing the crypto landscape and B21 has taken its first step into this space by partnering with - a cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform.

NFTrade is very exclusive with their partnerships, so we're happy to announce the launch of unique metal credit cards, as detailed above, available through an NFT voucher which can be purchased with B21's tokens on NFTrade's platform.

App: cryptoasset withdrawals now available.

This feature was in high demand by the B21 community, so we're very pleased to announce that cryptoasset withdrawals are now live! Users can send their tokens of choice to other wallets as well as to exchanges and other platforms!

This is an update which brings B21 another step closer to its vision of building a complete ecosystem around cryptoassets focused on our motto: Invest | Earn | Spend. Gift some sats to a friend and help them understand this new world!

B21 TV: a new home to India's best crypto podcast.

To complement B21's original YouTube channel, we've created B21 TV, the new home to The Desi Crypto Show, India's top crypto podcast, which features weekly interviews with global crypto projects and key  community contributors.

In this new community channel you can get the best educational content about crypto, with a focus on DeFi & NFTs. Want to understand how your favourite protocol works? Hear directly from its founders of the projects in a simple and clear way! Our latest guests have been key builders from great organisations such as AAVE, SushiSwap, Axie Infinity, API3, and MetaPurse. Check it out here!

What we're working on: app updates and bug fixes.

  • Brought back the PIN login feature as asked by the community
  • Users can now access & activate their B21 Crypto Card within the app
  • Buy USDC with USD or via credit and debit cards
  • Bug fixes and improved app stability

Get started: download the B21 Crypto app!

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