About to snap
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About to snap

Cryptic ball: let's chat a bit.

Bitcoin continues to hover around $30k, despite falling to the bottom of the tight range it has been trading for the past ten days, i.e. between $28.5k and $30.5k. Meantime, some stocks are crashing hard. Should we be worried?

  • Initially, the equities carnage was confined to companies with poor earnings reports, such as Snap or Abercrombie & Fitch. The first fell 43% today and the former nearly 30%, eventually dragging down the wider stock market.
  • Still, we haven't revisited Friday's yearly lows (yet) and the relief rally is still possible - even if that prospect looks quite bleak, especially after Michael Burry (the Big Short guy) tweeted today about some kind of impending doom.
  • Overall, tech stocks are still overvalued and continue to display historically high P/E ratios. That's why they are displaying the volatility associated with shitcoins in the 2013 bull run! Let's just hope ARK doesn't go bust for now.
  • Back to crypto, it's clear the whole market is waiting for bitcoin and the original cryptoasset is waiting for the S&P 500. Keep a close eye on the range highlighted in today's chart and be patient: an opportunity will present itself!

Chart art: let's range a bit.

Such a tight range. Where will it break first?

Three things: let's survive a bit.

Tweet tip: let's laugh a bit.

RIP Jack Niewold.

Meme moment: let's moon a bit.

Too soon?

FV Bank: let's talk a bit.

!Meet us at booth #704. Let's chat about FV Bank, embedded finance, crypto & fintech!

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