Initial Dumpling Offerings
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Initial Dumpling Offerings

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Cryptic ball: Another ETH all-time high.

You know alt season is running at full speed when bitcoin remains stuck and ether pumps. As anticipated yesterday, ETHBTC broke an historical resistance not surpassed since 2018. This is the signal we needed for another couple of weeks of wild pumps before we - most likely - pause for summer. This means will provide less coverage of bitcoin over the coming times: until it's relevant to do so again.

Meanwhile, note that if you want to play safe, you'll surely be happy with ether's 9% jump over the past 24 hours and 39% growth since April 1st - when we told you ether was looking like it was about to lead a month focused on alternative tokens. Otherwise, if you rather risk more, plenty of DeFi tokens made +15% returns - just go on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to explore before doing your own research!

Chart art: if BTC doesn't recover when ETH stops...

In the past, ETH and alts have continued pumping for a couple of weeks after BTC topped. When BTC failed to recover ground once ETH found its own local top, then a crash ensued. 

Market musings: patience, young grasshopper.

It's important to note that during alt seasons tokens don't pump all at the same time. It's very common to have some tokens moving during a couple of days and then being replaced by another category afterwards. This means you should have a thesis behind your moonbag investments - always knowing you can loose all your money speculating in all this craziness - and stick to it, or else change the thesis.

Just don't hop around switching tokens every day, wasting fees and gas for nothing. Also, remember the recent 10x in a couple of days have created incentives for more developers to fork existing projects for a quick profit. That game only works for a limited time - likely a few more days or weeks - so take Josh Rager's advice, if you haven't been considering ours, and book some juicy profits!

Visual block: in 2017 we had ICOs, now we have IDOs.

IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering, and many dumplings have been offered in DEXs so far!

Three things: it's not only you trading shitcoins.

  • It's not only Nic Carter who defends that Bitcoin mining isn't harming the planet, and, in fact, it can even be good for it. Ark's Cathie Wood also!
  • It's not only exchanges arguing against India's latest crypto ban attempt. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has also put forward a great critique!
  • It's not only futures markets deleveraging, it seems Decentralised Finance protocols have also seen liquidations in lending markets. Learn more here!

Meme moment: it's wild out here.

Cobain has been riding alt seasons since the first one!

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