Cooking something
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Cooking something

Cryptic ball: be like Tim.

After four days of UpOnly, the market has paused a bit with BTC, ETH, and most alts catching their breath after new all-time highs in the first hours of the morning, UTC time: bitcoin almost touched $69k and ether tested $4.8k. Some projects in the 50th to 100th rank by market capitalisation are pumping more than 50% over the past hours, though. Loopring's LRC, which I covered here one week ago, is the most interesting example, as it has appreciated +75% since, on rumours that the popular GameStop retail chain will adopt its technology for an NFT marketplace.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is now the world's 6th most valuable asset, flipping Tesla and Facebook. More interestingly, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, announced he owns cryptoassets, going as far as claiming "it’s reasonable to own it as part of a diversified portfolio"! While there are no "immediate plans" for Apple to purchase or integrate cryptoassets, it's always good to know such a high-profile CEO is vocal about the positive impact of adding bitcoin et al to one's wallet! Lastly, the other remaining important news are related to dApps and web3.

On the one hand, Metamask, a browser extension and mobile app considered the gateway to the decentralised internet, has announced it will release a token - called MASK. Speculation about its distribution abounds, with many hoping it is airdropped to users based on activity. On the other hand, Brave - one of 2017's most successful ICOs, and the company behind a browser used daily by more than 40 million people and by me to write this newsletter - has announced it will integrate Solana's blockchain into its product, making it default for cross-chain dApps. Because the future of crypto is all about implementing great user experiences, just like Apple did on its way to success, right?

Chart art: always be accumulating.

On-chain activity from new entities remains quite muted, hinting that there's still a lot of space for bulls to run.

Three things: be like Chris,

Tweet tip: always be researching.

Accumulate knowledge and research to create.

Meme moment: be like this father.

Well, taking profits is also important!

B21 Card: new countries.

B21 Card is going places!

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