Back to Miami
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Back to Miami

Cryptic ball: back to ranging.

As expected, the weekend was butter smooth. But one can't help to note that this week is starting on a more cautious note than before. Let's see what themes will drive prices in the next days and let's discuss Bitcoin and Banking in Miami!

  • The crypto market was stable over the past few days but it fell 2% today. More interestingly, there was a failed breakout last night - showing bears are fighting to regain control. It's crucial that bitcoin holds the current support.
  • For now, some alts have started to bounce, with LUNA and NEAR initiating the move. Hopefully, they will lead the way for the original cryptoasset. But this week isn't showing a clear bias like I shared the past two Mondays
  • Why is that? On the one hand, the war in Ukraine goes on, with disturbing news from Bucha increasing the anxiety around the world. On the other hand, many are arguing oil will continue to rise - which would hurt stocks and crypto.

Lastly, stop by FV Bank's booth #1101 at Bitcoin Miami from Wednesday to Saturday or schedule a chat here! And, as shown below, remember that bulls need to pump bitcoin above $48k asap to keep the bounce alive.

Chart art: back to a key level.

I'm convinced will move up once there's less uncertainty about the war in Ukraine.

Three things: back to 51% attacks.

Tweet tip: back to basics.

It's the merge narrative gaining steam.

Meme moment: back to buidling..

Funny because it could well be true.

FV Bank: meet us in Miami.

Meet the FV Bank and B21 founders Miles and Nitin at BTC Miami to discuss Bitcoin and banking, from April 6th to the 9th, 2022.
Miles Paschini will be sharing a stage with Caitlin Long this Thursday, April 7th.

Get started: learn more about FV Bank.

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